Men, this was a hard week. Working on Saturday is inhumane thing, so I decided to lay in my bed all Sunday. I got up only to make pancakes and to eat them. And because I always love to have a plan, mine was to watch movies, read books and think only about good stuff. All of this did quite a good job on my nerves.

So I watched Morning glory, a movie I very much wanted to see. I love Rachel McAdams, she’s gorgeous and one of my role models, but that’s not the only reason, you see, the movie is very good itself. It’s about this girl who loves and is very dedicated to her job (something I have to learn to do). Harrison Ford is also there, playing an old, grumpy reporter. Diane Keaton too. So the group of actors there is strong, the script is witty and funny, nothing close to the reality, but that’s the main reason I wanted to see it.

I was going to write about The Tudors, but fuck that for now. I want to see at least the beheading of Anne Boleyn before I share my opinion. Give me a week and I’ll get there.

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