Cr-48 Chrome

Long time no post. But then again you need something interesting to happen in order to write about it and not just babbling about your personal shit (I have the feeling I have already said that before). And yesterday something interesting happened, a friend of mine came to visit us to collect his new laptop (why from here? long story). But it is not an ordinary laptop, it’s Chrome. So my friend told me about how he got it and we spent the whole evening eating steaks with wine and testing its features.

This Chrome OS could be very confusing to some people, because it’s only a browser. When we tried to download stuff it was ok, but then the only option is to delete it if you cannot open it with the browser (if it is .exe or .dmg for example). Also the netbook runs only if you have a wireless network. So my friend is supposed to test it but there was no screenshot button in order to show the developers what the bug is (well, we found out it has this “bugs” button that collects screens and sends you to the bug report page). Also the keyboard has backward and forward buttons but no F1-F12 or caps lock.

What was more interesting to me was that the notebook has very clean and simple design it is almost perfect. It looks like a little black macbook and the battery is almost that good 😀 It will be very interesting experience and my friend is a very lucky nerd. Looking forward to know more about this jewel of technology.

    • Jack
    • April 13th, 2011

    Immigration is deliverance! 😀

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