Weekend Mix

Weekends should be fun. It is all nice and cool to slack around the house but it also so much nicer when you cook up a little adventure for yourself after the busy workdays. So my prickly flower and I threw some food in a backpack and went around in search of adventure and fun. We went to Antwerp Zoo on Saturday and spend the Sunday in Walibi Theme Park. Maybe because it was Sunday there were long lines for everything that in the end made the pace of the Park feel a lot slower and tedious. But I guess that is how roller coaster parks work… get in line for half an hour, get a minute (or less) of adrenaline rush. We managed to visit almost every major ride but the two water rides turned out to have technical issues. At least we will have one more reason to go to “Walibi” again in addition to it being an awesome Roller Coaster park with nice little areas for relaxation.  Also -50% coupons – Anyone in?

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