Rolling Thunder

Malik and Adriel were pretty hyped about seeing “Thor” and I happily tagged alongside them. Not that I needed any reason not to as my son and I are pretty hyped on comic books as it is… If you haven’t noticed… Gosh, I need to get back to that pile of comics along the bed – Damn, you work! Anyway “Thor” was nice. OK, bye!

Maybe I should elaborate a little more for those unsatisfied with my opinion’s brief exposition. I like how Hollywood is starting to produce good comic book movies. After the amazing “Ironman” and the decent sequel they are moving very nicely through the overpopulated with super (Avenger) heroes of the Marvel mythos. “Thor” felt like a nice comics book. Which is perfect, no? Cast was good and everyone’s game was tight, well there was a little overacting (especially by Portman but she is a dude so all is fine!) but it was just the way their characters are originally in the comics books. It is quite often that comic book character’s traits go overboard. Just so you know.

What’s not to like? Well, Loki‘s motives are kind of obscure and conflicting through most of the movie but Tom Hiddleston managed to pull it off with his nice sleazy trickster act. Also go see the movie in 2D and all will be peachy. There were no 2D screenings and we were forced to “enjoy” a 3D one. Only thing benefitting from this are some big landscape screens but the battles are impacted negatively by the 3D effects. All becomes a blurry tangled mess while my son testifies that on 2D all is so much more delicious.

So “Thor” is a fast and steady read of a classic comic book, that is nicely paced and there isn’t time for you to get bored. A deserved 7 /10. Cheers!

P.S. I am back, mortals! Or at least I try to…

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