Henry VIII and his wives

I dream often about work and some time ago I dreamed about writing a post here. Ugh, if this means blogging is as good as work for me, then I should do something about it. Like writing something.. finally. How about a TV Show post?

I read somewhere that “The Tudors” was a porn movie disguised as history one. I don’t think so, really, because it was more educational for me than just entertaining (yes, I admit the sex was good). What I mean is, it awakened some interest in the matter and I read a lot about English history, not only about the Tudor dynasty, because of the show.

On the other hand I got a little bit bored after the second season and then again after the first half of the forth season. The second time wasn’t exactly boredom that held me from watching it. I realized that it costs me too much tears and nerves. Yes, it sound stupid, I’m not 12 years old, but maybe because too much people died even for me to handle, that I started to cry like a child after the execution of Henry’s fifth wife (and her two lovers). God, this man was sick bastard, and how many people died at that time because of their stupid religions and shit. So, you see, this is why I shouldn’t watch this sort of shows, I get too much into it and forget that it’s just a movie. Oh, wait, it actually happened.

So anyway. Was it any good? Yes, I would tell you. But I am no good judge, I lack emotions these days and almost every little thing that doesn’t drive me mad from anger can pull the strings of my pity and sympathy (usually accompanied by sadness and unnecessary drama). So if you’re not too busy watching “Game of Thrones”, check out “The Tudors”.

P.S. I also wanted to say that the acting was pretty good. And the ending really did it for me. If you start it, better finish it. And, yeah, chips and wine.. not a good idea, but will do for now.

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  1. as history one. I don’t thing so,

    i dont thing as well , the think is without the usual in out in out it`d be just of poor taste , thats how thinks work

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