Random Restart

Hey guys, I am sorry about the silly April Fool’s joke. So the blog has been fixed for a while now on this new address. Had plans to fix some more things around but I guess they can be done on the fly. Can’t make any promises how often we will be updating here but enjoy for now a short recap of some of the April Fool’s pranks that passed by me:

First off here is a bunch of Blizzard related ones – new interactive authenticators and it seems Blizzard is turning it’s eyes again towards alternative gaming platforms – smart phones and Wii. Let’s not forget fans of classic board games and the younger generation! The one I am most uncertain if legit or not – the new Jaina model 😀 Wowhead were even more successful at data mining!

Meanwhile our shadowy overlords have come out of hiding and announced their world domination plans on Deviant Art. Jill has been working hard to satisfy her little lord by being his personal chronicler. Vaskes has brought to my attention that our feline overlords are already hard at work to improve our web browsing experience. And if you don’t have a master of your own you can always print one!

Google is taking the next step in improving their driver-less car tech over at Nascar racing tracks. They have also upgraded their amazing online map service to support one of the most popular pieces of hardware available on the planet!

Google’s child – Youtube is coming for you! Buy now the complete Youtube collection! While on Youtube be sure to check this dope videos:

Mass Effect Cartoon, Michael Bay’s YGO Abridged and Gandalf on a skateboard! Did I just do =3 of my own?

I am not sure if related to all the mischief going around but Aaron Diaz has locked his site into a new Dresden Codak movie.

In other Metal related news Alestorm has acquired some Viking enemies!

Feel free to share any witty jokes that fooled you in the comment section below 😉

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