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Hey people! Decided to pass by. Here is something that was sitting scribbled on the back of my ledger:

My mind was pondering about Life while I was going past some pretty trees. I contemplated on my brother’s (bio) and mine (tech) education and the possible combination of the two. Which led my trail of thought to the Mass Effect 3 ending. I don’t know what you did with your Shepard but mine bit the middle one. Ignoring any possible bashing on the “various” ME3 endings I gotta give it to Bioware. They created a hero we cared about. Well, unless you were a bit of a dick and wanted your Shepard to be a douche. I think it was because each one of us also participated in his/her creation and the hardships that followed for three consecutive games. And that gave us some time to get to know our Shepards a little better. So I felt a bit sad that my Shepard is gone now. I will miss her… and Garrus.

OK, that takes care of that. Being sleep deprived and lazy – here is an article done by the delightful guys from Rock, Paper, Shotgun that pretty much sums up Gouken’s and mine impressions of Diablo 3:

The RPS Verdict: Diablo 3

And lastly here is a Kickstarter project that bears a little relevance to the theme I am running with for the blog. So if you need a new deck of cards you can get a fancy one for few bucks:

ULTRAVIOLET // Playing cards from beta17 // updated with the Relaunched project.

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