Hmm… so last post mentions Mass Effect. Fitting perhaps that yesterday the new “extended” endings have been released. They seem decent but nothing incredible in any case. At least if the endings were like that from the beginning I guess there wouldn’t have been all the rage that we witnessed few months back. Better late than ever some may say.

Speaking on endings I finished Limbo. Sadly I was too busy to brag about this little jewel being in the latest Humble Indie Bundle while it was still available. The game is simply amazing. It possesses incredibly refined macabre graphic style and atmosphere. It is a Game of Death. Death will follow you all the way through this carefully calibrated  puzzle platformer. At first I felt genuinely bad each time the Boy would die under my control. He is just so fragile which would make some of the puzzles later on involving a lot of acrobatics even more satisfying when you are pass them. The engine brings everything to life perfectly. Can’t say that I didn’t have the guilty pleasure of doing some stupid things just to see what will happen to the raggedy boyish silhouette when I fail. In the end though each death brought me dissatisfaction and bitter regret… I should have been better at keeping the little boy traversing his (maybe) nightmares safe! But I was very proud of myself when I completed all the challenges the game threw at me. A very nice exercise for the brain in my opinion. All in all the game is worth every cent on its own and you will do well to get it as soon as possible!

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