On Different Nights

There are many Dark Knight posts on the nets but this one is mine. Being silly when I try to be serious… just like I usually do.

So thanks to the realization last week that I haven’t actually watched the first Dark Knight I got lucky enough to watch all three movies of Nolan’s Batman trilogy in close proximity to one another. So what did I win by being that lucky?

I watched “Batman Begins” with a bit of analytics running in the background of my brain. That was due to the knowledge that this was the first movie of a trilogy soon to be concluded. I actually enjoyed it a lot. It was a bit silly compared to the second one but a very nicely done origin story. And I loved all the hints of what is to come. That movie actually left me most lost in thought after watching it as I was perplexed as how I have missed it when it was first going  through the big screens. I pondered on that and the strange relationship between us and the passing of time. How do we deal with it? Do we let it slowly fade the memories of the past be they pleasant or painful or we fight to keep them with a pang of nostalgia… Ridiculous notions like that…

“The Dark Knight“? It was nice and everyone loves it, Heath Ledger rocked and we all miss him. End of story. Or is it? There are theories and discussion how this movie is the transition between the other two or how it prepared us for the finale… I guess I view each one of the movies as perfectly self-sufficient one. Some people need that connection but I guess I try to look over it. For me “The Dark Knight” is just a movie about Batman. Just that and a damn good one at what it does. A perfect meal all on it own. A day in the life of Batman. Now that I think about it, it reminds me of the Batman:Animated Series from the 90s…

And we come to the hype. “The Dark Knight Rises”. The raw input: visuals – check!; sound – check!; good acting – check! Anne Hathaway is a Catwoman I approve of and if anyone disagrees there must be something wrong with them!

Now my 2 cents. I think this movie on its own is the actual execution of Nolan’s magic trick that everyone was expecting (by now) from the trilogy. Pledges were made. The Turn got me but not my roommate who saw through it early on and was a tad bid disappointed from the movie. I suspect he won’t be the only one. I don’t regret being fooled so easily as it allowed me to enjoy the Prestige to its fullest. Isn’t this why we went to the show? To be surprised and entertained! Then I guess Nolan’s performance was adequately exquisite or I received what I paid for. Either way works fine for me!

Side trivia note: What is “Game of Thrones” doing in my Batmans?!
Joffrey was quite impressed by Batman at a young age and why would lord Baelish post as a CIA agent and try to take Bane head on?! I thought he was cunning and stuff?!

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