Tyria Pains

The Elder Dragon is awake and his evil is coursing through the world of Tyria. No nation is safe from the hordes of undead rising to his command. No race is safe from his corruption twisting its people…

My headstart in Guild Wars 2 is nearing its end and that’s a good thing as my hands are starting to develop the weirdest of numbing cramps… Maybe I was loosing my gaming conditioning. Maybe it was for the better. 😛 Sadly Guild Wars 2 is out and I am pushing my gaming into top gear! Guild Wars 2 prelaunch was one of the most successful launches I have experienced first hand. For half of the last Saturday ArenaNet were trying to bring up the login servers that were crippled down by the onslaught of eager heroes seeking entry to Tyria. It may sound bad but actually I appreciated ArenaNet’s prompt actions and especially the timely feedback through various channels that kept us informed of the status of ongoing issues and how they are being addressed.

What about the actual game? Well, it is A new MMORPG! Guild Wars 2 is improving on everything you would expect from current MMORPGs and solidifies its new and improved methods of handling your adventures. You can do whatever you want and still gain experience and make progress! You can quest and explore the vast world, fight its dangers or compete with other players or trade and craft items and all that jazz! 😀 Everything moves you forward. I love the exploration! Most of the Sunday I spend jumping and climbing all over the place as my ever-growing album with vista screenshots can testify to.

Argh… my wrist! I guess it is time to take a break! I am eager to see how ArenaNet will handle the full game launch tomorrow. See you soon in Tyria!

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