Mixed Feelings

Amanda Palmer is continuing her blazing stride on top of her new album that got released this week. What do you mean you didn’t know? Was there another reason to wait for 9/11 to get around? So what do I think of it you might ask?

Actually what I think is not important. Sometime it is more important what you feel and “Theatre is Evil” is full of feelings. <<Insert silly meme here.>> There are some hurt feelings inside but all in all the album is the perfect pile of mixed feelings. Personally I backed Palmer’s kickstarter due to being a silly pushover for anything that  Niel Gaiman politely asks me to do. The pragmatic in me was anxious to see where my money went into. The little kid in the back of the room was overjoyed of the sheer brilliance of what came out of throwing a wad of cash at a talented and crazy woman and her posse of gifted in all manner artistic people.

This whole work week passed under the over-looming shadow of Palmer in my playlist. In the end I don’t know if it actually helped me preserve my sanity or actually methodically reignited my frustration with the status quo and the tediousness spreading slowly in my life. The album reminded me the sensuality of love, the bitter-sweetness of loneliness and the overwhelming power of happiness! Just go to her website and give the singles a spin or watch the awesome music videos. The full album is even more worthy of your attention. Not to mention that is Pay-What-You-Want!


    • “boro
    • September 14th, 2012

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