And I have a cat in my mind right now

Now this was the longest evening ever (and it keeps going). I want to talk about cattish and without any further complications I will do so, because, you see, I don’t have much time before I drop asleep here. :Р She is from Russia and she’s great! She usually makes simple comments to her own works, like she doesn’t care, or exactly the opposite, and I even have a story behind that. You see this thing “))))” or just two of them “))” kind of made me wonder what the hell was going on there, but that was long time ago. The “…” didn’t really bother me. And then I talked to one of mine half-russian friends (yeah, I have a lot!), because she uses the same stuff so the topic did pop up and she told me that’s a smile. Or a lot of them. So cattish was smiling all over the years. And wasn’t, when the “…” was happening, but anyway.

The point was (in the beginning of this post, when I was still sane) that I adore this girl. It’s not like she’s doing something impossible, or the coloring is from hell, it just means a lot to me and maybe it takes me somewhere else, where I want to be. So I found her in facebook and I wrote (and sent) her a message like a professional stalker. Wait, I could have done that in DA too. I’m such an idiot, and I realize this in 2 a.m., that is just toо cool to be true.

So, the main sh*t is here.

These are my favourites. Enjoy them, they are pretty old, but then it gets even better.

It’s raining here and I wish all of you (a special one for you, jack) a good night. ))

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