I closed the folder with the Web Comics. Why not start the presses here with something from the original comic media? I found “Kick-Ass” after I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation (due 2010) . And I can say it proved to be one of the more refreshing things I have read recently. It is one of those cool comic series that have a tight story that unfolds in just a few chapters (8 in this case). At first I was a little unnerved by the references towards trends usual in our lives nowadays: You-tube, My-space, downloading pirated content, but then they proved to be a nice tinge in drawing the reality of the story’s characters which is our own. We witness how a little boy manages to inspire the appearance of masked avengers. Too bad real life is more dangerous than the comic books he loved reading. His heroic endeavours usually leave “Kick-Ass” pretty banged up, hence the origin of his superhero name. The art is decent and fits nicely. When is the last f*cking chapter getting published!?!

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  1. The trailer is no good, the atmosphere is different (in a bad way) and Nicolas Cage really looks like Batman (in a bad way). But I’m looking forward to see the last chapter too! 🙂 It’s fun, bloody and I love the gay part.

    “But honesty is rarely the best policy, believe me. Honestly would mean telling her right there and then I had a seven-inch boner pressed against her shoulder.”


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