Chill my bromies I am not going emo on you. I was slacking in the living room with my brother few nights ago. We were wondering what to entertain ourselves with and decided that “Black Death” is something decent to watch before bedtime.

I am very content with this movie. We are introduced very smoothly into the nasty reality of the years when the bubonic plague is ravaging Europe. So there are corpses and stuff and a monk with a secret relationship. He is not gay! This is about medieval Europe not nowadays. People are dying and suddenly Boromir comes along claiming he wants to investigate a village that is rumored to have managed to remain untouched by the plague. The monk tags along as a guide with the party, which is not very balanced – only warriors without healer, in hopes of finding his loved one. Then they encounter all the chaos caused by the plague, also witches and cults, betrayal and torture. What I liked was that the movie was realistic and believable, the mysticism and the action were in just the right dose so the movie was not farfetched or boring. Worth a look if you like medieval stuff… with death and swords…

    • Ilko
    • November 13th, 2010


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