“something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue…”

Well, that is actually fitting for the “Neon Genesis Evangelion” post. I convinced Gouken, Mannfred and Pehr into watching a full Evangelion marathon… at least the original series. So last weekend we got around to do just that. Evangelion kicks off like a pretty standard monster of the week giant mecha mash up until half the way we are served tangled web of emotional issues (a lot of those) and mankind threatening conspiracies and also someone in Gainax had a bad case of the blues and dropped a very radical ending. I was somewhat dissatisfied by the sudden and ambiguous end of the TV series but thankfully The End of Evangelion movie wraps things pretty nicely yet again with a slight tinge of ambiguity. Beside the story (not for the lighthearted or lightminded), the art style while being several years old keeps up with most of the new kids on the block. There are several spin-off series (High School Alternative Universes mostly) but it is worth to mention the possible live action adaptation and the remake on the TV series into 4 movies from which the first two are already out. Sooner or later if you considers yourself a fan of anime you should get around to watching this as it is considered rather influential. If you feel a bit down afterwards you can always do like Gainex and take a dose of FLCL. Also this anime is responsible for giving us delicious Asuka!

    • Mannfred
    • November 16th, 2010

    I feel the marathon might have been a mistake. The anime (especially the last few eps) needs to be watched with more attention than one has after 10 hours marathon viewing. Though you’ll want to watch it several times anyway…

    A warning for those of you who know German: the scenes where Asuka (who’s supposed to be half-German) speaks in her native language, or at least her voice actress tries to, are easily among the most shocking in the series. I have to wonder now if GAINAX didn’t put those in there on purpose to lighten up the mood.

    Oh, and if you feel like it, you could hunt down the fan-made gag dub/amv collection “Evangelion: Re-Death”.

    • “boro
    • November 22nd, 2010

    next stop , neo angelique evangelion

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