Hi folks… Did you miss me? This week was a bit hectic with an ongoing training at work, beer intensified movie viewings in the evenings and to top it all my employer’s Christmas party was yesterday. Oh boy, it has been a while since I have partied hard. We went to a spa resort in a little village in the mountains and as we had limited time there (one evening) the fresh batch of employees, that I am in, hit the facilities immediately. There was an outdoor pool (turns out pool was closed but my Dynamic Duo Partner and I learned that after we already did several cold resets in it), two small indoor pools for wading like a slacker in them, sauna and steaming room. It was so relaxing in the end of the week to get to experience that. Then we hit the party switch back on and had a night full of wild dances and “moderate” inebriation… In short it was awesome… I will try to fix a batch of movie posts in the coming days. Stay classy folks and see ya in a bit.

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