The Late Pilgrim

In the wake of Deathwing’s return let’s start it with the movie posts (cause I don’t know when I will manage to login to save Azeroth)… and as my instructor at work pointed out I am really special (duuhrr…) so some of the stuff I post about will possibly have already passed by most of our readers but heck! So I have already posted a bit about Scott Pilgrim and I shared my skepticism about the movie. Some of you might already know that many consider “Scott Pilgrim vs. the World” a box office failure. A while ago I came across a very nice article about the fact that the movie doesn’t have a solid target audience. I couldn’t Google it up again, sorry. So I wasn’t surprised much by the fact that the movie didn’t do very well on the big screen. Maybe I was lucky that me and my brother are possibly the best audience combo (an awesome and yet humble ex-hardcore-gaming slacker with broad geek knowledge and his little bro who is still at the age when hipstering is not disapproved on) this movie can get so we had a blast when we blu-rayed it on the TV. He hasn’t seen the comics yet so he liked the story garnished with all the pro-comic visual style a lot. As for me… well, I was content. The movie adaptation mainly focuses on the first and the last volumes and provides a pretty decent movie pace and completion. I loved the first volume of the comic and totally disregarded the totally hipster latter ones so I was ok with the whole charade. Edgar Wright did an amazing job at transitioning the first volume on screen… it was like each page was transformed into a scene on screen. The visuals and audio were really well placed within the feel of the comic. Scott Pilgrim even managed to lessen my rage over the ravaged second half of “Kick-ass”. In conclusion if comics and video games don’t put you off feel free to enjoy this movie with a beer and a bro 😉

Also here’s a little musical piece by “The Subways” that is how I hear “Sex Bob-omb” in my head. [Click ze image!] By the way “The Subways” also did the “Rock & Roll Queen” for RocknRolla a while back.

Super Sex Bob-omb

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