How do I brick S-words?

I think Gouken was the one that recommended the “Brick” to me. I believe it’s because after “Inception” we were wondering what Joseph Gordon-Levitt was up to before that. What can I say about the movie to counter the fact that it managed to put two girls to sleep and make a third one leave the wine-n-popcorn movie viewing 😀 . It was a nice movie I shouldn’t be saying such mean things about it and I bet it was the large amount of wine and popcorn that put the girls to sleep. Well… film noir usually have a slow ‘n steady pace in the beginning. For “Brick” is exactly that – a film noir set up in a high school. There are all the typical tropes for a movie like that – our main dude is a “private eye” of sorts, he has his best buddy informant, there is a dead girl, another pretty girl that is all too helpful, the bruiser and the big crime boss… all twisted in the wonderful prism that is high school (Cleek it!). I recommend the movie if you are looking to watch something unique.

    • “boro
    • December 12th, 2010

    I shouldnt have cleeked it

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