In Bruges

Due to some lucky circumstances, instead of bringing us to Ghent, the friends of a colleague of mine took us on a merry ride to Bruges. I got to watch the movie again last night. In our movie the party consisted of the couple, the nice guy, the femme fatale and the wondering boy – Jack. We did a nice tour of this very tranquil town that is trying to preserve its gothic architecture pretty hard. Go go UNESCO! It was a nice change of pace to the busy capitol city of Brussels. Ducks and swans frolicking in the canals. Tourists like us looking around the numerous candy and souvenir shows. Turns out making lollis is hard work. It takes manly men for this sort of work. Half the time the narrow streets and the small two storey houses huddled between the ominous towers tempted me to go all “Assassin Creed” on them and reach a perching balcony or scale a low wall. But as civil as I am I kept my composure. Should find a way to let the crazy out sometime soon though or the pressure will probably burst some of my internal organs. Or I should just increase the beer intake… Sadly the high watch tower from Bruges’ movie closes very early (16:15h if you plan on passing through Bruges any time soon) and we will scale the many steps on some other visit.


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