VNV Nation

Yeah, well, it is not like I don’t have time or anything but this will be brief. I wanted to recommend you VNV Nation. It is not very often that I write about music, I can even say that I almost never do that, but these guys are kind of special to me. A week ago I got all their albums and started to listen to them in full force but I actually “discovered” them many years ago when I heard for the first time the song Destillät by Das ich. Only now I realize it was the remix by VNV Nation I liked, not the original.

This is my favourite right now:

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  1. VNV Nation са яки! Имам десетина техни песни от различни компилации и не ги бях прослушвал подробно, ама на индъстриъл партито в О!Шипка преди две седмици пуснаха няколко техни неща и почнах да се зарибявам по-сериозно. 🙂
    Ти как попадна на тях? 🙂

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