Pic ‘n Mix

So the second Belgium weekend is rolling towards an end to give space for a busy week before flying back homeward.

This one I stayed in Brussels… turns out Saturday here is a pretty good day for exploration and cultural or sciency enlightenment. The natural sciences museum was a blast; I couldn’t help but feel jealous of all the kids having the time of their life. A lot of the museum exhibits are interactive to grab children’s attention and provide a fun visit.  Here have some pictures! In the end I even found a Games Workshop and a Comics store but I will need to delve into those on another future visit… At least I hope so!

Sunday on the other hand is quite dead, everything is pretty much closed up, still some museums are open but I didn’t feel like fighting the gloom and wind outside so I am staying in devouring soup and wondering how cool John Wayne was… and how although a little slow paced, older movies tended to deliver an wholesome story and an experience that made you enjoy life and generally feel good in the end. Thank you, bbc two for being a hip TV showing old movies just for the heck of it 😀

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