Hey, look at this place. It is starting to get dusty in here! We need something fresh to make it shine again. While being a busy – busy working man and trying to get to commune with my friends after a few weeks abroad I barely had time to check few episodes of this show, which by Trillian’s own words is uncanny brutal and so funny that you will surely rewatch the episodes more than once when you get hooked to it. And when Trillian is right he is usually right. The show truly gave me a breath of fresh air in the workday evenings. The premise and the characters are put together incredibly well, the dialogue is smart, funny and bites – very often it discusses serious behavioral flaws in our society simplified (or not) in the setting that is community college. You will be struggling for breath while laughing and a minute later you will find yourself thinking a little of how you communicate with people around you and your friends in general. But let’s not get too serious about that. It is comedy after all and Joel McHale makes an awesome lead for the show. His cynical lawyer character and his entourage of misbegotten college students forms a tight knit “Community” that will quickly embrace you as one of their own. An amazing show and a must see for every fan of TV Comedy!

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