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I cry a lot lately. I don’t know the main reason, I think I have more than one actually. First of all I can say that I don’t know what I want and that’s driving me crazy! Second (that’s an old one) I have to study and if that alone is not depressing enough I can’t focus on my “problems” as much as I want because of it. Third I can’t get no sleep. I feel that it became a regular thing for me to feel like sh*t this time of the year so everything is under control (no, seriously) but I wonder how do you menage to get over stuff? Do you eat chocolate? Do you listen to angry music or watch sad movies (I think the second one can kill you if you’re in the right mood)? Do you go jogging or swimming? Do you just wait for it to go away (because it definitely will, nothing lasts forever)?

And to those who don’t know me in person I feel obligated to say, I’m not an emo retard and I don’t enjoy talking about sad things when they occur (I don’t believe in “talking about it makes it half a problem”). Maybe because nothing really sad ever happened to me and everything else is just rubbish. Like this case. So this post is here for the sake of being here and I would like to hear your thoughts 🙂

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  1. Music, definitely. And going out – being with friends and NOT talking about your problems actually helps more than sharing them, cause it’s more distracting. 🙂
    Films help as well, but not sad ones.
    Or a good book.

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