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Damn it woman… I am sick I don’t want to work… Well, we can’t have a blog running on pure rant so I guess I will provide something worth checking… “V” is a remake of the mini-series with the same name from 1984 (behold my links). Yesterday while waiting for my Visual Studio 2008 to finally finish installing I watched the pilot episode. And I almost gave up on the show because although Reptiloid alien (who can mask as humans) invasion sounds like fun the episode was packed with cliché and taffy. The dialogue was rather slow and boring. Also as my room-mate pointed out for a highly developed space traversing race some of their weapon designs looked quite  inferior to a good old Earthly grenade. Maybe it is an Reptiloid thing but the visitors seemed rather obsessed with using mele weapons. The second episode at least picked up the pace a little. The dialogue became more thrilling and the main characters received a few shades and moved a little from their white, black or dull grey initial sketches. The ratings of the show are still mediocre but if you are looking for a sci-fi to watch, it might prove satisfying.


The plan was to write something about a musician I like partly inspired by Rolling Stone magazine and to add something new to Views. I woke in the late afternoon, with a terrible hangover, nicotine aftertaste and pain in my jaw from the couple of punches I ate during one of my midnight travels to the liquor store. In a way the perfect setting for a review about Gogol Bordello. After a long recovery session in a nearby restaurant with few of my friends (in which more alcohol was consumed) I am finally organising the chaotic trail of thought Gogol Bordello sparks between the lobes of my intoxicated brain. My first introduction with this wild gypsy punk band was in my high-school years. Strangely we grew apart in university until my second year when I remembered how much I loved their unique style which is heavily influenced by gypsy and eastern Europe’s music. I am simply captivated by how well accordion and violin are integrated in their punk sound.The lyrics of not one song are very deep and deal either with the general challenges in our lives or the difficulties of immigrant life. Many of my favourite “Let’s party!!!” songs (that usually lead to delirious dancing and singing) are also their work. Gogol Bordello are well known for their crazy live gigs. Sadly I am yet to witness such an event and my soul weeps dark tears for the few opportunities I have missed. To ease the pain a little I will crank the sound a little more and go check the fridge for some beer. Cheers, mates!

Chill out…

Seems we are up and running again…  I’d like to imagine that we had so many page views that our “amazing” providers at couldn’t handle it. What’s new? Seems I will be in charge this weekend. Something that caught my eyes today was the fact that we now have a localized version of Rolling Stone magazine in Bulgaria. As I am encroaching in pseudo journalism with this bloging stunt I decided to check it out. So I will crank the music up and chill out a little. See ya soon!

Grand (sort of) Theft Auto

We’ve shown an artist, a comic, something about the theatre and an anime… I think I earned the right to talk about myself, if only not to play all my trump cards of content at the start. This will be a post about life lessons. For nothing is as fun as having to break into the new used car you just bought. But I am getting ahead of myself. A friend of mine, let’s call him Diego for names sure are fun around these parts (and by parts I mean the blog 😉 )… So Diego asked me if I want to join him while he is buying an old used Opel Rekord. Basically he needs the engine and the transmission for the Opel Ascona he is trying to patch together. After a few mishaps we finally own and have the car running. As Diego is changing flats we decided to drop at his old place and move some stuff to the new one. Imagine our joy when we found out that the previous owner didn’t warn us not to lock all the doors… for the central lock system is screwed. And now we come to the point mentioned in the beginning… By combining Diego’s knacks and my practicality we prevailed. Diego fashioned a noose from some wire I scavenged from a nearby build site and managed to unlock the door from the inside while I was prying the door slightly with a thin metal sheet. In the end we were rather proud with ourselves… I think we are finally growing up a little due to the fact that we didn’t try braking the window outright in the beginning and and that we tried opening the car in a more “peaceful” manner…


FLCL, Furi Kuri or Fooly Cooly in non-engrish speaking countries is a marvellous mix of animation, music and bizarre storytelling. This six-parter anime tells the mishaps of a young boy and the lost orderliness of his daily life caused by the arrival of a strange woman with unknown origin. The main story is rather torn apart through the episodes and it is hard to follow in the chaotic pace of events. I perceived it as a story about growing up and letting go… but I am convinced that different people will “read” FLCL differently. The anime introduced me to the Pillows who I define as j-indi rock… They provide the unforgettable audio environment for the amazing ride this show is. They have a reserved spot in my playlist since then. FLCL is something I find really dear and a must for every fan of anime. I better go and watch it once more.


I closed the folder with the Web Comics. Why not start the presses here with something from the original comic media? I found “Kick-Ass” after I saw the trailer for the upcoming movie adaptation (due 2010) . And I can say it proved to be one of the more refreshing things I have read recently. It is one of those cool comic series that have a tight story that unfolds in just a few chapters (8 in this case). At first I was a little unnerved by the references towards trends usual in our lives nowadays: You-tube, My-space, downloading pirated content, but then they proved to be a nice tinge in drawing the reality of the story’s characters which is our own. We witness how a little boy manages to inspire the appearance of masked avengers. Too bad real life is more dangerous than the comic books he loved reading. His heroic endeavours usually leave “Kick-Ass” pretty banged up, hence the origin of his superhero name. The art is decent and fits nicely. When is the last f*cking chapter getting published!?!

A stretch

I threw the folder into the drawer… I stood motionless in my chair and looked at the title in black letters: “Flickersight”… I considered picking it back out but I waved the idea away. I looked up and saw her standing at the door. Her silhouette was chiselled sharply by the hallway’s light. I stood up to greet her.

Being Jill’s poke in the ribs it is unwise to remain silent for long. Otherwise she will just go back to hibernating and that is no fun, no fun at all!