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Random Restart

Hey guys, I am sorry about the silly April Fool’s joke. So the blog has been fixed for a while now on this new address. Had plans to fix some more things around but I guess they can be done on the fly. Can’t make any promises how often we will be updating here but enjoy for now a short recap of some of the April Fool’s pranks that passed by me:

First off here is a bunch of Blizzard related ones – new interactive authenticators and it seems Blizzard is turning it’s eyes again towards alternative gaming platforms – smart phones and Wii. Let’s not forget fans of classic board games and the younger generation! The one I am most uncertain if legit or not – the new Jaina model 😀 Wowhead were even more successful at data mining!

Meanwhile our shadowy overlords have come out of hiding and announced their world domination plans on Deviant Art. Jill has been working hard to satisfy her little lord by being his personal chronicler. Vaskes has brought to my attention that our feline overlords are already hard at work to improve our web browsing experience. And if you don’t have a master of your own you can always print one!

Google is taking the next step in improving their driver-less car tech over at Nascar racing tracks. They have also upgraded their amazing online map service to support one of the most popular pieces of hardware available on the planet!

Google’s child – Youtube is coming for you! Buy now the complete Youtube collection! While on Youtube be sure to check this dope videos:

Mass Effect Cartoon, Michael Bay’s YGO Abridged and Gandalf on a skateboard! Did I just do =3 of my own?

I am not sure if related to all the mischief going around but Aaron Diaz has locked his site into a new Dresden Codak movie.

In other Metal related news Alestorm has acquired some Viking enemies!

Feel free to share any witty jokes that fooled you in the comment section below 😉


You can’t please everyone, it is impossible to help everyone and futile to try to satisfy everyone.

Sooner or later someone crosses paths with someone else and disagreements arise.

Then maybe it is even more unthinkable to try to make peace with everyone.

When is a person in our modern world to forsake selflessness and adopt selfishness as the only means to survive and shred his or her dignity to nothingness one small piece at a time?

How can we protect who or what little treasure we still value in this not so wicked but yet very unforgiving world?

Also I saw your pretty hair, Jill… we will see what happens to my own hide…

Rolling Thunder

Malik and Adriel were pretty hyped about seeing “Thor” and I happily tagged alongside them. Not that I needed any reason not to as my son and I are pretty hyped on comic books as it is… If you haven’t noticed… Gosh, I need to get back to that pile of comics along the bed – Damn, you work! Anyway “Thor” was nice. OK, bye!

Maybe I should elaborate a little more for those unsatisfied with my opinion’s brief exposition. I like how Hollywood is starting to produce good comic book movies. After the amazing “Ironman” and the decent sequel they are moving very nicely through the overpopulated with super (Avenger) heroes of the Marvel mythos. “Thor” felt like a nice comics book. Which is perfect, no? Cast was good and everyone’s game was tight, well there was a little overacting (especially by Portman but she is a dude so all is fine!) but it was just the way their characters are originally in the comics books. It is quite often that comic book character’s traits go overboard. Just so you know.

What’s not to like? Well, Loki‘s motives are kind of obscure and conflicting through most of the movie but Tom Hiddleston managed to pull it off with his nice sleazy trickster act. Also go see the movie in 2D and all will be peachy. There were no 2D screenings and we were forced to “enjoy” a 3D one. Only thing benefitting from this are some big landscape screens but the battles are impacted negatively by the 3D effects. All becomes a blurry tangled mess while my son testifies that on 2D all is so much more delicious.

So “Thor” is a fast and steady read of a classic comic book, that is nicely paced and there isn’t time for you to get bored. A deserved 7 /10. Cheers!

P.S. I am back, mortals! Or at least I try to…

Weekend Mix

Weekends should be fun. It is all nice and cool to slack around the house but it also so much nicer when you cook up a little adventure for yourself after the busy workdays. So my prickly flower and I threw some food in a backpack and went around in search of adventure and fun. We went to Antwerp Zoo on Saturday and spend the Sunday in Walibi Theme Park. Maybe because it was Sunday there were long lines for everything that in the end made the pace of the Park feel a lot slower and tedious. But I guess that is how roller coaster parks work… get in line for half an hour, get a minute (or less) of adrenaline rush. We managed to visit almost every major ride but the two water rides turned out to have technical issues. At least we will have one more reason to go to “Walibi” again in addition to it being an awesome Roller Coaster park with nice little areas for relaxation.  Also -50% coupons – Anyone in?


Oh, Jill is back into the fold. OK, let’s get this show on the road. Where was I… after 18 hours in the office yesterday I was not really sure where actually… But as Jill pointed out we don’t need to banter about our personal predicaments that much… except from time to time, perhaps?

So here is something interesting that made my day… It was high time that I got around to bundling some humble Indians… This didn’t come out right… Anyhow the new Humble Frozenbyte Indie Game Bundle is upon us! I always felt uncomfortable that I missed getting the first two. So let’s see what is in the goodie bag: Trine, mentioned before by our pretty little Jill, Shadowgrounds and Shadowgrounds: Survivor and two ongoing projects that really sparkled my interest – Splot and Jack Claw in getting the bundle. Let’s hope that me and Jill will manage to free some time to savour those delicious little treats sometime soon. Now do your duty and support innovative game developers and charity!!!


Gee Gee, Baby Baby… seems like we fell off the update train once again. Just when I thought Jill had so much cool stuff to share with you guys. As for me I am trying to climb the echeladder to Dastardly Deployer! Just in the middle of the week we got send on a dangerous mission to the vast plains of Luxemburg. No one warned us how vast those plains were and in result of our dedication we stood 17 hours on foot without food in our little server cage! So hardcore I almost cried tears of joy when we finally got back to the gloomy Brussels. Here have some pictures!

Pretty Women

Today is your day. The day of all you, pretty women – the Mothers that give us birth, the Eves that make us fall, the Angels that help us rise up, the Queens that help us govern our lives… for where would we be without you!

Celebrate your ladyhood! Hopefully we, men, will remember to treat you right every day, not just today.

Страните се сменят…

…и сега аз съм “емигранта” далеч от родината на днешния празник. Моят ред да видя до колко съм забравил родния език. Поне има шанс да не съм единственияt, който ще се сети да си припомни малко обичната ни кирилица и език.  Или това се случваше на един друг празник, който е още малко далеч…

Заточен в малката си кула на върха на хотела, отдаден на тролска бира и емигрантски пънк, се чудя какво съм оценил в краткото ми странстване в Zапада. Може би, че лошото си е лошо навсякъде, и доброто си е добро, където и да е… Всичко е до хората.

Леко съм изненадан, че чакам наближаващото прибиране в малката ни китна родина с известна доза нетърпение. Явно наистина колкото и изпълнено с гняс и неприязън да е родното ни общество, толкова по-уютно и блажено ни е да си сърбаме ракията и да псуваме задружно с хората, на които поне малко държим.

Та вдигам наздравица с тролска бира да ни е малко по-весело и не толкова за псуване в БЪЛГАРИЯ!

Gingerly Red

So as the year rolls by, here we are again… At the point where I knew I was forgetting something, even though some rascals reminded me it was one year pass the time of unicorns and rainbows. I even almost missed the point that Jill and I were trying to do something special for this year’s Baba Marta (totally by chance) – a real-life Martenitsa, but strangely both of us ended redheaded and neither blond. I guess we will just have to deal with being incredibly healthy and passionate and not that pure! Well, as for the rest of you, I wish you Health and lots of pearly smiles in the sunshine and warmth when Baba Marta finally brings the Spring around.


Hey, look at this place. It is starting to get dusty in here! We need something fresh to make it shine again. While being a busy – busy working man and trying to get to commune with my friends after a few weeks abroad I barely had time to check few episodes of this show, which by Trillian’s own words is uncanny brutal and so funny that you will surely rewatch the episodes more than once when you get hooked to it. And when Trillian is right he is usually right. The show truly gave me a breath of fresh air in the workday evenings. The premise and the characters are put together incredibly well, the dialogue is smart, funny and bites – very often it discusses serious behavioral flaws in our society simplified (or not) in the setting that is community college. You will be struggling for breath while laughing and a minute later you will find yourself thinking a little of how you communicate with people around you and your friends in general. But let’s not get too serious about that. It is comedy after all and Joel McHale makes an awesome lead for the show. His cynical lawyer character and his entourage of misbegotten college students forms a tight knit “Community” that will quickly embrace you as one of their own. An amazing show and a must see for every fan of TV Comedy!