Pretty Women

Today is your day. The day of all you, pretty women – the Mothers that give us birth, the Eves that make us fall, the Angels that help us rise up, the Queens that help us govern our lives… for where would we be without you!

Celebrate your ladyhood! Hopefully we, men, will remember to treat you right every day, not just today.


Holy sh*t. I watched this when I got home for the holidays. It’s the good old game Quake we all know and love but done in 48 minutes, not just quickly but perfectly, all secrets unlocked, all enemies killed. My head was spinning in the end. I mean, these guys are great, how many times do you need to play this so that you can learn it in such detail? They knew where the monsters are before they are even there, they unlocked the secrets walking backward, how cool is that? You can read more information on youtube if you want.

I’ll come back soon to my old way of life (because now I’m mainly eating and lying around) and then I’ll write about the TV show “The Tudors”. I haven’t done that for a while.. writing about TV shows. See you soon.

Страните се сменят…

…и сега аз съм “емигранта” далеч от родината на днешния празник. Моят ред да видя до колко съм забравил родния език. Поне има шанс да не съм единственияt, който ще се сети да си припомни малко обичната ни кирилица и език.  Или това се случваше на един друг празник, който е още малко далеч…

Заточен в малката си кула на върха на хотела, отдаден на тролска бира и емигрантски пънк, се чудя какво съм оценил в краткото ми странстване в Zапада. Може би, че лошото си е лошо навсякъде, и доброто си е добро, където и да е… Всичко е до хората.

Леко съм изненадан, че чакам наближаващото прибиране в малката ни китна родина с известна доза нетърпение. Явно наистина колкото и изпълнено с гняс и неприязън да е родното ни общество, толкова по-уютно и блажено ни е да си сърбаме ракията и да псуваме задружно с хората, на които поне малко държим.

Та вдигам наздравица с тролска бира да ни е малко по-весело и не толкова за псуване в БЪЛГАРИЯ!

Gingerly Red

So as the year rolls by, here we are again… At the point where I knew I was forgetting something, even though some rascals reminded me it was one year pass the time of unicorns and rainbows. I even almost missed the point that Jill and I were trying to do something special for this year’s Baba Marta (totally by chance) – a real-life Martenitsa, but strangely both of us ended redheaded and neither blond. I guess we will just have to deal with being incredibly healthy and passionate and not that pure! Well, as for the rest of you, I wish you Health and lots of pearly smiles in the sunshine and warmth when Baba Marta finally brings the Spring around.

mumble mumble mumble

I cry a lot lately. I don’t know the main reason, I think I have more than one actually. First of all I can say that I don’t know what I want and that’s driving me crazy! Second (that’s an old one) I have to study and if that alone is not depressing enough I can’t focus on my “problems” as much as I want because of it. Third I can’t get no sleep. I feel that it became a regular thing for me to feel like sh*t this time of the year so everything is under control (no, seriously) but I wonder how do you menage to get over stuff? Do you eat chocolate? Do you listen to angry music or watch sad movies (I think the second one can kill you if you’re in the right mood)? Do you go jogging or swimming? Do you just wait for it to go away (because it definitely will, nothing lasts forever)?

And to those who don’t know me in person I feel obligated to say, I’m not an emo retard and I don’t enjoy talking about sad things when they occur (I don’t believe in “talking about it makes it half a problem”). Maybe because nothing really sad ever happened to me and everything else is just rubbish. Like this case. So this post is here for the sake of being here and I would like to hear your thoughts 🙂


Hey, look at this place. It is starting to get dusty in here! We need something fresh to make it shine again. While being a busy – busy working man and trying to get to commune with my friends after a few weeks abroad I barely had time to check few episodes of this show, which by Trillian’s own words is uncanny brutal and so funny that you will surely rewatch the episodes more than once when you get hooked to it. And when Trillian is right he is usually right. The show truly gave me a breath of fresh air in the workday evenings. The premise and the characters are put together incredibly well, the dialogue is smart, funny and bites – very often it discusses serious behavioral flaws in our society simplified (or not) in the setting that is community college. You will be struggling for breath while laughing and a minute later you will find yourself thinking a little of how you communicate with people around you and your friends in general. But let’s not get too serious about that. It is comedy after all and Joel McHale makes an awesome lead for the show. His cynical lawyer character and his entourage of misbegotten college students forms a tight knit “Community” that will quickly embrace you as one of their own. An amazing show and a must see for every fan of TV Comedy!

Pic ‘n Mix

So the second Belgium weekend is rolling towards an end to give space for a busy week before flying back homeward.

This one I stayed in Brussels… turns out Saturday here is a pretty good day for exploration and cultural or sciency enlightenment. The natural sciences museum was a blast; I couldn’t help but feel jealous of all the kids having the time of their life. A lot of the museum exhibits are interactive to grab children’s attention and provide a fun visit.  Here have some pictures! In the end I even found a Games Workshop and a Comics store but I will need to delve into those on another future visit… At least I hope so!

Sunday on the other hand is quite dead, everything is pretty much closed up, still some museums are open but I didn’t feel like fighting the gloom and wind outside so I am staying in devouring soup and wondering how cool John Wayne was… and how although a little slow paced, older movies tended to deliver an wholesome story and an experience that made you enjoy life and generally feel good in the end. Thank you, bbc two for being a hip TV showing old movies just for the heck of it 😀

VNV Nation

Yeah, well, it is not like I don’t have time or anything but this will be brief. I wanted to recommend you VNV Nation. It is not very often that I write about music, I can even say that I almost never do that, but these guys are kind of special to me. A week ago I got all their albums and started to listen to them in full force but I actually “discovered” them many years ago when I heard for the first time the song Destillät by Das ich. Only now I realize it was the remix by VNV Nation I liked, not the original.

This is my favourite right now:

In Bruges

Due to some lucky circumstances, instead of bringing us to Ghent, the friends of a colleague of mine took us on a merry ride to Bruges. I got to watch the movie again last night. In our movie the party consisted of the couple, the nice guy, the femme fatale and the wondering boy – Jack. We did a nice tour of this very tranquil town that is trying to preserve its gothic architecture pretty hard. Go go UNESCO! It was a nice change of pace to the busy capitol city of Brussels. Ducks and swans frolicking in the canals. Tourists like us looking around the numerous candy and souvenir shows. Turns out making lollis is hard work. It takes manly men for this sort of work. Half the time the narrow streets and the small two storey houses huddled between the ominous towers tempted me to go all “Assassin Creed” on them and reach a perching balcony or scale a low wall. But as civil as I am I kept my composure. Should find a way to let the crazy out sometime soon though or the pressure will probably burst some of my internal organs. Or I should just increase the beer intake… Sadly the high watch tower from Bruges’ movie closes very early (16:15h if you plan on passing through Bruges any time soon) and we will scale the many steps on some other visit.


Above the clouds…

This time around I got to experience a view from above the clouds. As Jill pointed out I am being important in Brussels… or actually trying to not be important any time soon. Anyway I got to fly on a plane. It was nice I guess as I survived it. Flying proved to be rather enjoyable even if a little bit nauseating, the excitement of the lift-off and the suspense of the landing. But for the most part it was rather relaxing or at least the view of the sea of clouds beneath was – so many thick white clouds, forming motionless waves, engulfed in the radiant sunlight. And with the slight tilts of the plane due to turbulence it felt a lot like being on a boat. Enough rambling so here’s something to all my friends and especially my liaison to enjoy: