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So the second Belgium weekend is rolling towards an end to give space for a busy week before flying back homeward.

This one I stayed in Brussels… turns out Saturday here is a pretty good day for exploration and cultural or sciency enlightenment. The natural sciences museum was a blast; I couldn’t help but feel jealous of all the kids having the time of their life. A lot of the museum exhibits are interactive to grab children’s attention and provide a fun visit.  Here have some pictures! In the end I even found a Games Workshop and a Comics store but I will need to delve into those on another future visit… At least I hope so!

Sunday on the other hand is quite dead, everything is pretty much closed up, still some museums are open but I didn’t feel like fighting the gloom and wind outside so I am staying in devouring soup and wondering how cool John Wayne was… and how although a little slow paced, older movies tended to deliver an wholesome story and an experience that made you enjoy life and generally feel good in the end. Thank you, bbc two for being a hip TV showing old movies just for the heck of it 😀

In Bruges

Due to some lucky circumstances, instead of bringing us to Ghent, the friends of a colleague of mine took us on a merry ride to Bruges. I got to watch the movie again last night. In our movie the party consisted of the couple, the nice guy, the femme fatale and the wondering boy – Jack. We did a nice tour of this very tranquil town that is trying to preserve its gothic architecture pretty hard. Go go UNESCO! It was a nice change of pace to the busy capitol city of Brussels. Ducks and swans frolicking in the canals. Tourists like us looking around the numerous candy and souvenir shows. Turns out making lollis is hard work. It takes manly men for this sort of work. Half the time the narrow streets and the small two storey houses huddled between the ominous towers tempted me to go all “Assassin Creed” on them and reach a perching balcony or scale a low wall. But as civil as I am I kept my composure. Should find a way to let the crazy out sometime soon though or the pressure will probably burst some of my internal organs. Or I should just increase the beer intake… Sadly the high watch tower from Bruges’ movie closes very early (16:15h if you plan on passing through Bruges any time soon) and we will scale the many steps on some other visit.


Above the clouds…

This time around I got to experience a view from above the clouds. As Jill pointed out I am being important in Brussels… or actually trying to not be important any time soon. Anyway I got to fly on a plane. It was nice I guess as I survived it. Flying proved to be rather enjoyable even if a little bit nauseating, the excitement of the lift-off and the suspense of the landing. But for the most part it was rather relaxing or at least the view of the sea of clouds beneath was – so many thick white clouds, forming motionless waves, engulfed in the radiant sunlight. And with the slight tilts of the plane due to turbulence it felt a lot like being on a boat. Enough rambling so here’s something to all my friends and especially my liaison to enjoy:


“Hmm… Although the process of forging anything from a cloud surely must be spectacular I wonder on the practicality of a weapon or armor made of clouds. Maybe it will be really wicked if you throw some storm clouds in the mix when melting the clouds… or do you need to liquefy them first…”

… Such thoughts strolled around the boy’s mind while he was lying on the top of Rockroll Hill as he observed the clouds slowly herded by the gentle wind.  After a while the boy stood up with a heavy sigh and started his decent back to reality.

Yup, it is that time of the year again. Can’t remember the last time I ranted about anything. A good a time as any to rant about myself then! I read somewhere that the longer you live the shorter you perceive each year, like remember how when you are a kid the summer feel like a whole year… stuff like that… When I look back at it my last year seems like a pretty long one and somewhat a year in which I serioused a lot, not enough if you ask my parents but enough to put on the gray cloak of adulthood and monotony for a while… good thing there are some prickly flowers to remind me to smile and seek the colors beyond the city skyline.


Where is my branding iron… Where! Someone is moody and is tiptoeing her way around her muse… Anyway it seems I will be usurping her area of expertise for I have an animated short film for you. It is “Catsoup”… Read the wiki about it. It has awards. “Catsoup” is a tale of a journey – perplexing and bizarre experience through the land of the dead and the living. A bit too surreal for my tastes but it is visually pleasing, even disturbing at few times and rather impressive actually.


Ok! We are back from our little vacations, so we should get this rolling again… My initial plan to get home early today and produce some quality reading material for you guys was thwarted by a surprise ice-skating jam. But no fear I am here.

Let’s start with a diverse movie – game post. I saw TRON: Legacy last week and in the last couple of days I was pestered several times whether it was fun and worth the 3D thicket… Well, I didn’t expect much of a consistent storyline and went to the theatre in hopes to get some nice adrenalin rush from awesome fighting scenes and pro special effects. Well, the movie was polished nicely and I was right about the story – it was a children’s tale so don’t expect much (also Penny Arcade did a really awesome comic about this a while back – consider yourselves SPOILER warned if you click  on this). The vision and especially the sound was delicious (thank Daft Punk) but I really had a hard time following what was happening on screen – I was really irritated to watch black-clad people in a black environment (although the overall minimalistic design of everything was awesome). Maybe the brightness in the cinema I visited was a little off because everything looks a lot better if I check it on HD screenshots. But enough about the movie… I will talk about the massive nostalgia surge that followed it! I got home and tried to find the old Tron 2.0 game that I played a lot during, I think, my second year in high school. It is so bright and vivid! And it has a very nice and complex story following the original TRON‘s one very accurately. While several years old the game looks sharp, and it took me to an age when games were challenging. Good thing I started it on normal difficulty for I still get owned a lot! And contrary to the movie, this very old game has an immense immersion factor! While I really couldn’t get the feel that the movie also takes place inside a computer system, the game gives me that and more – a lot of references to software terms, hardware parts and some programming knowhow… you just notice that they took their sweet time to make it feel like you really are in a computer. Maybe I should stop writing and try to finally… THE GAME!

Holy Merrydays

Yo ho ho, it is that time of the year again… I really didn’t notice that in the mess of organizing various parties and meetings that it is almost time to sit at the feast and pop a bottle of wine open  with my family (as I am the man of the house for my dad’s on a boat /hug ).

But more importantly (as usual) Jill and I want to wish all our friends, families and dear readers a Very Merry Christmas filled with family warmth and most successful first steps into a Very Happy New Year!

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Brit to the Greek

The girl plays games, the boy is at the movies…

Adriel had another good pick on that one last warm December evening before the Cold front managed to hit our little piece of Europe. “Get Him to the Greek” was delicious… a very tasty caricature of the rock stars’ life and the music business in general. Jonah Hill portrays an amazingly believable music company intern inside whom the music fandom is struggling against the vicious business side of the music industry. As for Russell Brand he is ridiculously British… not sure what I meant with that pun… The movie is heavily packed with funny guest appearances of many music and showbiz stars and accompanied with an amazing soundtrack. Malik , as our available music expert,  mentioned some of the songs written for the in movie music performances were very good. I for once really liked the ending “Furry Walls” by “Infant Sorrow”. When are you gonna learn to click my links or I should start embedding stuff around… Also I think I should stop reviewing movies for a while…

Night Shift

So the first movie Adriel, Malik and I saw on a warm December evening (no kidding) was “The Other Guys”. I believed that cop comedy was pretty dead and was surprised to see a new one of those but the movie managed to make us laugh… Maybe again the fact that I was beering with bros helped. But hell the movie grabbed me with the explosive beginning (no kidding) where Samuel L. Jackson and Dwayne Johnson raped crime without taking names and then the real leads of the movie – Will Ferrel (not Colin though) not being a prick, as he is usually forced to in comedies, and Mark Wahlber, being a prick, kept me entertained till the end. There were a few poor punch lines and not so well placed random factor jokes but they didn’t manage to spoil the rest of the movie. The movie even had a serious side that made me and my bros discuss afterwards – the shady operations big companies and CEOs might (and do) leer into these days. Anyway the movie is a nice beer movie: 6 / 10

How do I brick S-words?

I think Gouken was the one that recommended the “Brick” to me. I believe it’s because after “Inception” we were wondering what Joseph Gordon-Levitt was up to before that. What can I say about the movie to counter the fact that it managed to put two girls to sleep and make a third one leave the wine-n-popcorn movie viewing 😀 . It was a nice movie I shouldn’t be saying such mean things about it and I bet it was the large amount of wine and popcorn that put the girls to sleep. Well… film noir usually have a slow ‘n steady pace in the beginning. For “Brick” is exactly that – a film noir set up in a high school. There are all the typical tropes for a movie like that – our main dude is a “private eye” of sorts, he has his best buddy informant, there is a dead girl, another pretty girl that is all too helpful, the bruiser and the big crime boss… all twisted in the wonderful prism that is high school (Cleek it!). I recommend the movie if you are looking to watch something unique.